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Things to do in Inverness 

The heart of the Highlands has many places to keep yourself busy on your visit here.

Places to visit:


The Crown Hotel Guesthouse is located on Ardconnel road which is a quite, friendly and safe neighbourhood. But is also just 1 minute away from the city centre. The place is great for people who enjoy a quiet stay, but also want to be close to the heart of the city, for easy convenience of visiting all the shops, attractions, cafes and bars. There is little need to drive anywhere. There should be a free map of Inverness provided in this welcome pack (if not please ask staff to provide you with one). The train and bus station are just a 5 minute walk. Simply turn right as you exit the guesthouse. Go down the ‘Brae market steps’ to the right of the carpark. Once down the steps, head straight and keep to the left hand side. Go past the traffic lights to the left, and the train station will appear on your right hand side. The bus station is the next right turning.




Number 21-  A nice bar & restaurant located only a 2 minutes walk from the guesthouse. They have a variety of generously served food. Special on most days, so you are likely to get a surprise meal for your buck. Our guests get a free glass of whisky with their meal. (Take the voucher provided with you to the restaurant).

Directions- As you exit the guest house turn right. Ahead take a left before the car park, go all the way down the Raining stairs. And Number 21 is just to your left. 27 Castle St, Inverness IV2 3DU. 01463 241999. Open until 11pm on weekdays, and 12.30am on weekends.


Mustard seed- Some lovely Scottish cuisine on offer. A visit here is rarely a disappointing one. Lovely atmosphere. And our guests get a free glass of wine with their meal (take the yellow voucher provided with you to the restaurant).

Directions- As you exit the guest house turn right. Ahead take a left before the car park, go all the way down the Raining stairs. Turn right, and follow the road to the left. Keep walking and you will reach the river Ness. Turn right, walk ahead for a few yards and the Mustard seed will be on your right. 16 Fraser St, Inverness IV1 1DW.  01463 220220. Open until 10pm every day.


Zizzi- Lovely Italian restaurant, boasts nice views of the river ness. A variety of delicious Italian cuisine on offer (it can often be difficult to decide what to eat). Going for the calzone or spaghetti will leave you with the smile on your face. Wine is reasonably priced as well.  

Directions- As you exit the guest house turn right. Ahead take a left before the car park, go all the way down the Raining stairs. Turn right, and follow the road to the left. Keep walking and you will reach the river Ness. Zizzi will be on your right-hand side.


The Kitchen Restaurant- Very nice looking venue. Located on the other side of the river ness, on Huntley road. Rockpool restaurant, which is on the other side of the river ness. Also, boasts some great Scottish cuisine. May also get a nice view of the castle. The chef was trained by Gordon Ramsey masterchef


Rajah- The place to go if you fancy some Indian food. One of the veterans of Inverness has been in the highlands for more than 30 years.

Directions- As you exit the guest house turn right. On the right-hand side of the car park, you will find the market brae steps. Simply go down the steps, and walk straight until you reach falcon square (an open square with a statue of falcons in the middle.) Keep to the left, and walk straight. Take the fourth left turning on post office avenue, walk straight down and Rajah will be on your left-hand side.

Other Indian restaurants include ‘Indian Ocean’. Follow the same direction to Rajah, it’ll be on your right-hand side on Academy street before you turn left into post office avenue. You also have the ‘Spice Tandoori Indian’ and ‘Jaipur’ which are located on the banks of river Ness, near Zizzi.


Jimmy Chungs- Has an all you can eat Chinese buffet. Not the best if you're looking to inspire your taste buds. But the food is tasty and you’ll most likely not be leaving with an empty stomach. Located near the river bank.


Fancy eating in? Grab or order a takeaway (feel free to eat in our dining area, there are plates, cutlery and a microwave available for re-heating)


The Indian Ocean- 64-66 Academy St, Inverness IV1 1LP. 01463 237755. Open until 11pm.


Domino's- Well-known pizza chain. 78 Academy St, Inverness IV1 1LU. 01463 226688. Open until 11.30pm


Bars & night clubs:


Hootenanny's- Known for local live and Scottish folk music. Has a friendly, touristy atmosphere. Drinks are decently priced. 67 Church St, Inverness IV1 1ES.


Gellions Bar & Johnny foxes- Tend to be open late. Can find the younger local crowd. Drinks can be slightly higher than the other pubs, carry a more modern atmosphere. Can have decent deals on food. Johnny Foxes is near the river Ness. And Gellions pub is opposite the Mcdonalds on the Highstreet. Can get fairly crowded during weekends.


The Glenalbyn and the Tarry Isle are across the river near to Tescos. However, be warned these are fairly old and not for the fainthearted. Traditional ‘Old men's’ pubs.




Inverness Castle- Beautiful castle in the heart of Inverness next to the river ness. Some beautiful scenic views can be seen from the castle, and looking towards it. Directions from the guesthouse: Turn left as you exit the guesthouse. Go down the 'Brae market steps'. Once down the steps, turn left and walk through the high street. At the end, you'll reach the river ness, and see the castle on your left-hand side. Directions- 5-minute walk.


River ness- This beautiful river flows across the city, and has beautiful greenery, which highlights the natural attraction of the highlands. Simply walk along the left-hand side bank of the river, and you can see some breathtaking natural land forest landscapes. Directions: Once reaching the river ness (following directions above). Simply walk along the river bank on the side of the castle. The further you go the better this walk gets, try to get to the ness islands. Where you’ll have to take out your camera. Directions- 5-minute walk.


Loch Ness- The iconic Loch is astonishing in its beauty as well as its legendary monster. Hop on the bus, which you can get from Inverness Bus Station. Which is only a 6-minute walk from our guesthouse? Remember to have your cameras ready in case Nessie the monster decides to show up during your visit. And ask the staff if you need some monster hunting tips. If you travel west towards Drumnadrochit there are lots of stopping places to view the loch. You can travel down the Caledonian Canal and Loch Ness from Inverness on a boat trip. Urquhart Castle is a favourite place to view for ‘Nessie,’ it has a visitor centre with pre-historic artefacts but go early as the car park gets very busy plus it has fairly expensive entry prices. Directions- 25 minutes by car. 25 minutes by bus, take the number 17,19 or 917. From Inverness bus station.  


Strathpeffer and Rogie Falls- A wander around this Victorian Spa village with it’s stunning and very individual houses is a lovely day out. There is a museum for children and a good tea room at the old station. Also, have a taste of the fresh spa water. Roggie Falls are a little further North of Contin and quite spectacular. If you are lucky you may see the Salmon jump! Directions- Half an hour by car. Catch the A9 going North. And exit to the A835 at Tore.


Culloden Battlefield- A great one for history lovers. Has a great visitor centre, where you can get a fun education, in a historic Scottish battle (normally we don’t recommend guided tours, as they can be quite expensive, however in our opinion, the Culloden Battlefield tour is well worth the price). Directions- About half an hour by bus. Catch the number 5, 5A, 17B bus fro the Union street bus stop C. Also, walk to the Clava Cairns (Neolithic monuments with lots of Standing Stones around the Cairns). There’s also a fantastic regimental museum at Fort George in Ardersier (Currently housing the Royal Irish Regiment).


Isle of Skye- Very beautiful, and definitely worth the 3-4 hour drive. Can take a detour of Fort William along the way, but it may make your trip an hour or two longer. The whole isle is magnificent, so some guests prefer to spend a night there (but accommodation can sometimes be difficult to find). Would recommend leaving early morning. There are bus day tours, but these can be a bit pricey. Directions- About 3 and half hour drive. Catch the A82 out of Inverness, and then take the A87 to Portree. You can also go by bus (approx same time), take the 8C, from the bus stop in front of Farmfoods. And switch to the bus 917, before Tomnahurich bridge.  


Fort William- A small town but 30 mins walk from the UK’s biggest mountain- Ben Nevis. Hire a guide to take you to the peak, and tick another thing off your bucket list. Travel an hour forwards from Fort William to Glen Coe. Which offers one of the best sceneries in Scotland. Directions- Catch the bus number 919, to from the bus station, to get to Fort William. Takes approx 2 hours. Then take the 914, 915, 916 to Glen Coe. Approx 45 minutes. For driving, follow the A82, until you get to Fort William. You can stop off at Fort Augustus. Continue on the A82 from Fort William to get to Glen Coe.


Black Isle- Stop at Fortrose point to look for dolphins and porpoises, then possibly a walk up the Fairy Glen in Rosemarkie. Directions- a 21-minute drive. Take the A9 going north, turn right onto the B1961. Cromarty is a very old conservation and fishing village and is pleasant to wander around. Directions- Take 26A, 26C from Inverness bus station, approx 1-hour journey. For driving continue onto A832, from the B1961


Cawdor Castle- An excellently run privately owned baronial castle and lovely grounds within about 20 mins drive from Inverness. Home of the Thane of Cawdor from Shakespeare’s Macbeth. If you carry on from here you will get  to the town of Nairn, which has an excellent sandy beach and other activities for kids. Directions- By car take the A96 out of Inverness. By bus, take the number 10, 11, 252 from the Bus station.


If you need help, want recommendations etc do not hesitate to ask us. We have been living in the Highlands for years and are more than happy to help. We'd also recommend going to the tourist centre which is located just 3 minutes away. Simply go down the ‘raining stairs’. Turn right, walk ahead and you will spot it on the left-hand side of the street. There are also lots of pamphlets and guidebooks, which contain information, on tours and places to visit, available in the space just when you climb the first set of stairs.